We live in the age of quick twitch activities. On-line videos games thrust you into the line of fire where you die and start all over again. Look at the people you pass on the street. Everyone has earphones plugged in their ears and their eyes on a screen. Life in today’s world moves at breakneck speed and for better or for worse, we live in it.

Humans have never been asked to do more with their brains than at this moment. We multitask every day with emails, texts, phone calls, work, family etc. keepbizzy.com gives you the latest info on all things regarding a busy mind and busy hands. To us ADD and ADHD are gifts to be nurtured, so we give you the scoop on all things twitchy from fidget spinners/fidget sticks and twitch gaming to brain enhancing nootropic supplements. Stay tuned and stay busy.

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