Having a child is a joy. It is also an unpleasant reality when your child is struggling with problems that you, yourself, do not fully understand. That is why it is important to get the best help possible. In this article we give you every time of Brain Balance review possible to get you informed.  

However, there are organizations out there that promise a miracle and in turn, only walk away with your money and give you barely any real change. But that one bad experience does not deter a parent from trying to help their children.

Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, Dyslexia, ADD and ADHD are real behavioral and learning problems that require persistence and skill to manage. It is often the case, where parents get to the point that is beyond their natural limits at the end of the day. Dealing with a difficult child can be draining emotionally and physically, not to mention the progressive deterioration over the years.

It can make one desperate. And it is this desperation that scammers and “fake professional” fraudsters take advantage of, especially on the internet. 

So to lessen these occurrences, it is best to do a thorough check of any doctor, learning professional or even the Brain Balance center promises, which offer a “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”

A lot of parents are concerned, especially when they hear that their child’s behavioral or learning problem can be completely cured. But that is why we provided a Brain Balance Review from every perspective to get a better understanding of how this program works. And if it is as good as they advertise.

What is Brain Balance?

According to their Brain Balance website, they “help kids with many different issues.” They further clarify that it is a non-medical program and that the professionals who work with them “do not diagnose medical conditions, but rather offer a comprehensive program to get your child back on track.”

Some of the issues that they deal with include:

  • Dyslexia
  • Autism
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
  • ADD or ADHD
  • Academic problems
  • Social or behavioral issues
  • Trouble making friends
  • Tantrums or sensory meltdowns
  • Lack of focus
  • Learning or processing disorders
  • Sensory integration

Brain Balance also boasts that “On average, customers surveyed rated their satisfaction at 8.5 on a 10-point scale. Over 80% of customers said they were very likely or extremely likely to recommend Brain Balance to a friend or family member.” Meaning from what they say, the overall Brain Balance review is positive. 

But we will get a better picture of how true that is by the time we finish this review.

How did the Brain Balance Achievement Centers Originate?

Robert Melillo
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Dr. Robert Melillo began noticing an extremely disturbing trend in the early 1990’s. “He was seeing a marked increase in children with learning and behavioral issues visiting his practice.”

So he created the Brain Balance Program. His clinical experience and publishing research on the area led him to help him get a better understanding of learning and behavioral problems like Autism, Processing Disorders, Dyslexia, and ADHD. Dr. Melillo believed Functional Disconnection Syndrome was at the root of all these issues.

So he created the Brain Balance Program. His clinical experience and publishing research on the area led him to help him get a better understanding of learning and behavioral problems like Autism, Processing Disorders, Dyslexia and ADHD. Dr. Melillo believed Functional Disconnection Syndrome was at the root of all these issues.

“Dr. Melillo then developed a cutting-edge approach that addressed correcting brain imbalance by applying a regimen of three key activities that stimulate and promote brain development: sensory motor stimulation, academic stimulation, and nutrition.”

After about a decade, he launched the program in 2006 with the help of veteran Wall Street person, William Fowler.

Brain Balance Franchise

The Brain Balance, Achievement Centers franchise, is growing fast and spreading all across the country. Currently, there are 130 centers open or in development.

The brand assertively seeks new franchise owners and stipulates that there is “over 250 territories where you can make an investment that makes a difference.”

As with many franchises, they offer support, which “includes training and education, marketing and advertising, customer relationship management, parent education, and much more. Brain Balance will be with you from day one.”

But you have to read the fine print further down to get a clearer understanding of what it is all about.

At the bottom of their page, the fine print reads, “This is not an offer to sell a franchise. This franchise is offered only by our delivery of a franchise disclosure document to you in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s rule on franchising and various state franchise sales laws. Brain Balance Achievement Centers are independently owned and operated.”

It is important to remember that their centers are franchises, and this does impact the legitimacy of their program and many of the Brain Balance reviews.

What Do Employees ​Brain Balance Reviews Say About Brain Balance?

You can get a bit of the hidden secrets about any organization from an ex-employee and the Brain Balance review they give. So long as they are not a disgruntled one, their feedback provides a close look at what is happening behind the scenes. Many of the Brain Balance reviews that we have checked online has a main thread. This being that the workers are young 20 some things, and they are tragically underpaid.

At that age, it means these employees are not qualified to assess and treat your child adequately. But that also implies that possibly the Brain Balance Program is a ‘cookie cutter’ program. Every child gets the same treatment plan. 

​Brain Balance Review: Lack of Training

An anonymous employee posted on Glassdoor that it was a respectable part-time job, however, there was a lack of training. “I worked at Brain Balance part-time (Less than a year). Not great pay, lack of training for teachers."

If the workers are not receiving training, as they should, then how good can this program truly be?

It makes you wonder about the quality of service, and how helpful the techniques are, even when touted to be a customized program.

Brain Balance Review: An Unhealthy Scam

Another former employee who was a "Sensory/Cognitive Coach" provided a pretty extensive review. They said, “The program has zero scientific evidence behind it. Many tenets of the program are directly contradicted by current research. I have seen next to no improvement in the many children I've worked with.”

A program like this should have customized programs where there is one on one interaction. That is not the case. It seems kids are grouped together. Clearly, the employees know better and quite possibly that this is a reason why they left.

They surmised grouping children together “isn't good for either child in the session, as neither child will get the appropriate amount of attention. Often times, the only way for children to get one-on-one attention is to pull the child out of school to go. Directors claim that working 2 on 1 builds mirror neurons, but as someone who knows how mirror neurons work, it's clear that it's an excuse to overcrowd a timeslot.”

More emphasis seems to be placed on getting more parents to buy into the program rather than implementing the correct strategies in the first place.

Brain Balance Review: Allegations of Abuse and Blame

The employee also highlighted that “when families pointed out that they saw no improvements, center directors were quick to claim that the family wasn't correctly adhering to the program, or even accuse them of being poor parents.”

There are some shocking details given by this former employee, especially about “a superior harassed a child – who had been abused – to tears, because they weren't moving to the next activity quickly enough.”

It seems the staff is also seriously prevented from lessening the sensory input, given to a child, even though it appears that they cannot handle it.

Brain Balance Review: Lack of Professionalism

Even this former employee agrees that the college-aged staff “have very little qualification to have this level of involvement working with special-needs children. They do not hold crisis intervention training, nor nonviolent communication, and it shows. I have witnessed co-workers be entirely unable to handle a child having a hard time without becoming visibly frustrated on a regular basis.”

They claimed that the staff spent a great deal of time on their phones, even though they discouraged the children to do the same. A true professional would never do this and especially not in front of the kids.

The lack of professionalism seems to extend to the treatment of the employees also, who are micromanaged, harassed, disrespected and shamed. There is a high turnover rate of employees at these centers. It is expected if you are dealing with such issues for $10 per hour.

​Brain Balance Reviews from Parents

Brain Balance Review: A Legit Brain Supplement or an Unhealthy Scam?
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The feedback from staff was mostly negative. However, from the parent’s perspective, things were a bit more positive. Many claimed to have seen some change in their child. They also commended the staff and service.

One parent, Jennifer P. from Glendale, California gave a Brain Balance Reviews that said, “This program builds the connections in your child's brain. It is completely different than anything I have found for my child. I have found many therapies. But nothing like this, that combines both the therapeutic with the building of the brain. I do not know how it could not work on a child. I highly recommend this program and this facility,” which is in Encino, California.

Deborah R from Encino also gave glowing reviews as well. She stated, “My son Sebastian is working the program as we speak, and the results have been amazing! We have seen improvements in his auditory processing, his articulation, core posture, balance, and spatial awareness. I've done my research, and there is nothing out there like the Brain Balance program.”

Not all the parents had a good experience. Sarah S from Los Angeles, California said, “I was extremely disappointed with the service offered by Brain Balance. They promised so much over the phone, and yet even the testing was preliminary and incomplete. They cater to children with autism and yet did not know how to respond to my son at all” who was a high functioning autistic.

Needless to say, this parent was unhappy with the treatment demonstrated at this center in Encino. And she would not leave her child there alone. She went on to say, “I did not wish even to return to get the results so asked (many times) for them to be emailed to me and never received a thing. A complete waste of money and not something I would recommend to a single person.”

Another parent provided a more in-depth Brain Balance Review and wrote the article “Brain Balance - scam or a healthy child treatment program?” on Posylane.com.

What Happens at Brain Balance Exactly? 

​Brain balance offers non-medical and drug-free programs that help children with a whole slew of learning and developmental issues. There are three category sections here into which the treatment can be broken down.

​1. Academic

​The academic aspect focuses on exercises that target the same areas over and over to create change that sticks. They use unconventional ​educational approaches that are not used in normal classroom or tutoring settings. Brain Balance professionals are focused on the improvement of mental skills, and primarily of growth and development in the brain. They are not interested in simply treating the symptoms, but their methods get to the core issues ​as to help address them, and then set the child on the right path. 

At Brain Balance, they recognize that every child is wired differently and has different strengths and weaknesses in the area of academia. The methods they use to find these various strengths and weaknesses are mainly in standardized testing that targets 120 areas of academic achievement. ​After testing, they then use this information to help get the individual child the specific help they need to thrive. The materials used in the program are top rated academic finds that support information processing and learning at the highest level. 

Some of the specific targets are focused on helping children with reading, both in reading words and in comprehending their meaning within context. Brain Balance programs help with mathematical reasoning so that math makes sense to them and is not just a going through the emotions. Numerical operations and pseudo-decoding are all a part of their program and available for the child who is weak in these areas. Help with spelling and being expressive in their writing is also offered through this program. Even down to their oral, verbal expressions there are methods to help them grow.

These are the core areas children with developmental issues may struggle in, and Brain Balance has a way to help with each and every one of them. All in all, they really pride themselves on taking in the core needs of each individual child and using a variety of methods to help them grow and improve. Instead of a cookie cutter program, this one is personalized.

​2. Nutrition

​​The nutritional aspect is called The Balance 360 Nutrition System. This system improves both the brain and the body's development. It takes into consideration how nutrition affects both the interior and exterior of children. At Brain Balance, they are sure that the best way to get the body functioning healthily is by treating it right. With children who have learning challenges, proper nutrition is especially important.

The system is a step-by-step guide for parents to customize their child's nutrition plan that works with their specific needs and individual lifestyle. There are some unique ways in which this system works. One of them is by teaching the parents new, healthy habits in their grocery shopping. Another is in teaching cooking techniques that are proven to make things both healthier and easier for parents and children. And on top of these, there are hundreds of recipes that target correct right nutrition that are shared with the parents.

This system is vital for the full program to work. Without this piece, the rest is useless. As they say, health starts in the kitchen!
On top of it being vital,  there is proof in the pudding that the children respond better to the program as a whole when parents get actively involved.  The Balance 360 community is a social one that is full of support from other parents who share their specific methods and helpful tips.

With this program, there is access to a Registered Dietitian who is there to guide parents through any struggles they have at home with the program. Balance 360 is so much more than just about the food children put into their bodies. It has been said to help children grow in their social abilities, get better at building relationships, and even fit into their families more comfortably. The program improves both the body and mind health.

Balance 360 in no way targets weight loss, but instead, it helps kids to become healthy eaters. The program works by going through five levels. The primary goal in these levels is to take out refined sugar, dairy, and gluten. These foods are scientifically known to cause food sensitivities and affect the brain negatively. These effects lead to symptoms like acting out and physical ailments. Once the program is over and these problem foods have been removed, parents have given testimonials of improvements in behavior and healing from food sensitivities. The mode is through nutrition, but the outcome affects performance, behavior, and health as a whole.

​3. Sensory-Motor Activities

​​Children with the struggles targeted at Brain Balance tend to struggle with memory and motor skills as well. These children can be clumsy, uncoordinated, and generally awkward both physically and socially. They typically lack some or all basic sensory skills which consist of the five senses.  These skills are assessed for the child, each individually, by testing. The activities and exercises follow. ​

Sensory and motor exercises taught at Brain Balance are pretty much a set of various physical activities. Some of these include balance beam walks, spinning in swivel chairs, and syncing up their actions with digital metronomes. There are vision, balance, reflex, gait, and vestibular exercises and activities. as well, which target the physical motor skills.

Sensory exploration and healthy movement are vital to the full health of a child. These two aspects drive the brain. Improving motor skills, sensory skills, and processing is the first part of improving everything else. 

​Other aspects that were not listed in detail fit into these top three categories. These include at home daily exercises, confidence building, and an online support community. The program targets every single aspect ​of a child's life possible and leaves no room for parts to fall by the wayside once the program is complete.  

Final Thoughts of our Brain Balance Review

Brain Balance is offered on a national scale system. There are over 130 specialized achievement centers, which give parents and guardians access to the Brain Balance Program. They mix healthy nutrition, academic skill training, and physical and sensory exercises to deal with the fundamental problem in the majority of the learning, development and behavioral illnesses that plague young children.

Based on the employee Brain Balance reviews, we would not recommend that this is the best place to work.

But that might come down to which franchise you select. Possibly all of them offer a meager salary of $10/hr to take care of children with seriously tricky behavioral problems.

On the other hand, we found that quite a few parents saw good results in their child. Almost every Brain Balance review from parents was positive. 

Take time and figure out whether this is a good option for you and your family. You have to assess your own needs. Look at what resources are available to you and decide if this is just a stepping stone to something better.

You might not have other places close to where you live that can help you and your child. But you can take what Brain Balance centers offer and build on it.

Living a life with children that have behavioral and learning disabilities requires an investment of your time and energy. You must have dedication and persistence to learn about these disorders. You must be willing to discover thoroughly the right treatment plan that will suit the needs of your child and your family.

After going through the reviews yourself, you should be able to say whether this is a legit brain supplement or an unhealthy scam. Then if you try the program, you can give us your Brain Balance review. 

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