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The Coolest Fidget Spinners on the Market and Where to Find Them - Keep Bizzy

Fidget spinners – they’re everywhere! These funky toys have been progressively gaining popularity over the past few months. And there are good reasons for this. Not only are these toys fun, some even claim that they benefit those who play with them, especially those who have ADHD. We will show you the coolest fidget spinners in this article.

What Are Fidget Spinners?

Before we get into the coolest fidget spinners on the market, let’s first learn what these gadgets are. Fidget spinners are these small rotating devices that fit between two fingers. These toys provide a type of sensory movement that is exciting and pleasurable to both the eye and the fingers. These toys that you can fit in your pocket come in a whole slew of various colors, patterns and even LED light ups. They can spin for a few minutes at a time, and the sensation creates a soothing effect. They are made of either plastic are metal, but they are incredibly lightweight.

Though these little toys are marketed as tools for those with anxiety, autism, and ADHD, there is a general breaking out of popularity all over the world over these little suckers. The are said to aid in concentration as well as bring out creativity.

Fidget spinners are also an excellent toy for those trying to break away from a social media addiction. It is refreshing to see kids excited about playing with toys again, instead of screens. Spinners are regularly used as an alternative for those who would pick up their phone as their go-to distraction or method of mental relaxation from any social setting.

The fad began in 2016 when children from elementary school age to high school were buying these toys in every color and pattern imaginable. The general reasoning for this is because fidget spinners turn average and normal moments into fun and exciting ones. If you open up YouTube or Facebook, you will see endless videos that teach tricks and various spins. These videos are hitting millions of views. It’s one of those things that just takes off in the world for seemingly no reason at all.

If you want to give one of these toys to some of your friends or family members this holiday season, you need to know where to buy a fidget spinner.

Where to Buy a Fidget Spinner

If you’re wondering “can I find a fidget spinner in stores near me” – the answer is yes!

Fidget spinners can be found almost anywhere.

Some people are even able to find cheap fidget spinners at their local supermarket.

But if you’re looking for spinners that can be considered truly awesome, you should look in the following places.

  • Amazon – You’ll probably find the widest selection here, including the rainbow fidget spinner and the Emoji spinner. And if you have Amazon Prime, you’ll be able to save money on shipping.
  • Walmart – This is a great option for your buying needs because you can find cheap fidget spinners here and you can order online or head to your local Walmart store.
  • Target – While Target doesn’t have the variety that Amazon has, they may very well have spinners that are higher quality than Walmart. Target is the middle-of-the-road option.

Top Six: The Coolest Fidget Spinners on the Market

the coolest fidget spinners
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Now that you know where to buy a fidget spinner, the next thing you need to consider is the type of fidget spinner you want to purchase.

Options range from straightforward designs in one color to elaborately designed spinners with flashing lights and a plethora of colors.

Here are some of the coolest fidget spinners on the market right now.

The Coolest Fidget Spinners: DSSY Round Fidget Spinner

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This is a truly awesome spinner. It’s incredibly colorful, with splashes of different colors that are reminiscent of paint splatters.

The design looks like a buzz saw blade, which is pretty cool, too.

It’s made of plastic and one of the fastest spinners on the market. The company claims that the toy can spin continually for two to three minutes straight.

The color and design make this spinner a great choice for just about anyone – young and old, male or female.

The Coolest Fidget Spinners: ATESSON Fidget Spinner

ATESSON Fidget Spinner Toy Ultra Durable Stainless Steel Bearing High...
  • Fidget spinner: 2-5 minute average spins great for fidgety hands,relieve stress.(The actual spin time will be affected...
  • No big noise: Easy to carry, small, simple, discrete and fun, also effective for focus and deep thought with using this...

For those who would prefer something a little more refined – or even hardcore – this is the spinner for them.

The ATESSON spinner is finished with metallic paint. You can get it in gold, rose gold, and silver, as well as black and blue.

Because of its ceramic and metal-bearing materials, the spinner offers three to five minutes of fun.

The Coolest Fidget Spinners: Super Z Outlet Party Pack

Super Z Outlet Mini Finger Gyro Fidget Spiral Twister Toys Party Pack...
  • Mini plastic finger gyro toys for fun party favors and game prizes. Perfect for children birthdays, class rewards, fair...
  • Great for adults, teens, and children with problems fidgeting! Can help with anxiety relief, boredom, fidgety hands,...

Fidget spinners make great gifts year round.

This pack is a great idea for a kids’ slumber party as party favors.

They’re made of plastic and are fairly small, so they won’t be spinning for very long. But they will still be a fun diversion, and these toys are so popular among kids that they’ll be excited to get one.

The Coolest Fidget Spinners: SAMSHAO Fidget Spinner

This spinner is made of stainless steel and aluminum. According to reviewers who have purchased this spinner on Amazon, it will last for approximately three minutes and is one of the quieter spinner options.

Another reason this is a popular choice is that it is multi-colored and has a high gloss finish.

The Coolest Fidget Spinners: Spoke ATESSON Fidget Spinner

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who likes options? Then this is the spinner you’ve been looking for.

The spokes on this spinner can be screwed out, allowing the user to configure the toy any way they want.

It’s made of stainless steel, so it’s fairly heavy, and it spins for approximately four minutes.

The Coolest Fidget Spinners: Hand Spinner Dragon Wing Fidget Spinner

MAYBO SPORTS Wiitin Dragon Wings Eyes Fidget Spinner Toy Made by...
  • ☞ SAFETY FIRST - This Phoenix Fidget Spinner complies with US Standard Children's Product Certificate. Safe for...
  • ☞ ONLY AT Wiitin - Newly designed spinner sports a rainbow color with a great color mixture and patterns while...

This is one of the coolest spinners on this list. The spokes look like dragon wings, and the metallic colors are a fun mix of blue, purple, orange, yellow, and pink.

The Dragon Wing spinner is one of the highest rated, yet cheapest, fidget spinners on Amazon.

Fidget Spinner – the Fun Toy that Can Benefit the Brain

Fidget spinner developers claim that these toys are not only fun – they can actually benefit the brain. They say that even a cheap fidget spinner can help those with ADHD, autism, or anxiety focus and feel calmer than normal.

If you’re looking for a fun, popular gift to get kids in your family this holiday season consider getting some of the coolest fidget spinners around.

These gifts may even be attractive to some adults you know who deal with ADHD or high anxiety.

Not only will the recipients have fun with these spinners – it may even help them feel better on a daily basis.

What Are Other Fidget Toys for ADHD?

Toys on the market that help those with ADHD are not limited to fidget spinners.

1.Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix are a 3D, no mess toy. They do everything from bend, to twist, to stick, to create, but there is absolutely zero clean up time afterward (which is good news for parents!) They are made out of yarn and have the non-toxic wax that is used in bubble gum mixed in. These sticks are great for creating everything from pictures to designs and they can also be turned into shapes, letters, and numbers.

Wikki Stix are educational, clean, do not break easily, and do not contain any toxic products. They are an exciting fidget toy that is easy to keep close by when needed. They also work well as a social toy, to create with others, or as a toy that will occupy only one child. They are good for hands-on learning and get creative juices flowing. Reusable and fun for kids three and up, this toy is really an all-around winner.

2. Klicks

Klicks are great fidget toys that click, twist, shape, crunch, and bend.They interlock as well as pull apart and can be put back together and taken apart time and time again, much like Legos. This toy comes in a set with 24 pieces. It is a bracelet that wraps around the wrist multiple times when pieced together. This toy is a great stress reliever and helps to build up motor skills. Though it is good for any kid over 3, adults love it too. These types of toys work to keep kids alert and help them to focus and zone their attention in.

Klicks are great toys to let them bring to the classroom that will keep them alert. Many parents have testimonials about how this toy kept their kids out of trouble and able to retain more information in class. Remember to always talk to your child’s teacher before you send them to school with any fidget toys to make sure you both are on the same page!

3. Chewelry

Chewing increases focus, especially for children. Having something to subconsciously chew on that won’t make them sick or get them in trouble can be a life-saver for kids with ADHD, especially around test time. Chewelry toys have been approved by dentists, making them safe and effective. These come in everything from necklaces, to bracelets, and even rulers and pencil toppers.

If it comes down to it, chewing a piece of gum can truly help your child in school, so this may be something to talk to their teachers about. But in the meantime, getting a chewable fidget toy may be the perfect solution. Do your research and ask your child’s opinion. There are cuff bracelets, chew stix, tubes, and so many other forms and levels of hard and soft fidget toys to choose from.

4. Silly Putty

For some kids struggling with ADHD, a toy that has some resistance qualities may be best. These fidget toys are great for energy release and also allow for focus. Some children with ADHD are more sensory prone and need something they can really push and pull. Silly putty is great for this, but don’t stop here.

There is also play dough, rubber bands, and even squeeze balls that can all have the same effect. What matters most here is having a toy that is easy to shape and is pliable. Some of the best classics like those listed above or even magnetic balls and ponytail holders are all great at helping your little one use resistance as a healthy coping mechanism.

5. Stress Balls

These are another oldie but goodie that may do the trick. Stress balls provide a level of calm for even adults. They sooth the nerves and help the brain to let go of any pent up emotions just by squeezing. The same concept is true for children with ADHD. It can be hard to be a child with overwhelming feelings that live inside of them on a daily basis. These toys help them to get a release from all their stresses and simply breathe.

The brands of stress ball toys specifically made for kids with ADHD have balls that change colors and light up. Other products similar to the stress ball include foot bands, key chains, bolt toys, squishy basketballs, and so many more. The point is not exactly what the toy is, but instead, what it helps promote. If it engages the touch and the sight, as well as gives children the ability to release stress and built up tension, you have a winner.

Final Thoughts on Fidget Toys

For many children with ADHD, these fidget toys are all about trial and error. Whether it be a fidget spinner, play dough, or a chewable necklace, what really matters is what works for the child. Not everyone is a fan of the fidget spinner, but thankfully there is so much more out there for kids with ADHD than we can even fathom. Have fun finding the perfect fidget toy with your child!


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