It is incredibly important for children and young adults to stimulate their brains and train them in order to become healthy and savvy adults. But the training shouldn’t stop there! Just because you may be out of school doesn’t mean that your mind still doesn’t need a little tender love and care in the form of brain exercises and mental stimulation. It is important to maintain the mental pathways that you form when you’re young so that they aren’t “pruned” away. It is much easier to maintain your brain than to retrain it.

Fortunately for you, there are a lot of fun and effective brain games for adults that you can do that won’t feel like work or training. You can play many of these online, by yourself, or in the company of others.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games
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Standard puzzles are a great way to maintain and stretch your mind. Puzzles are great because they work with your spatial and visual skills, as well as recognition and forethought. Additionally, puzzles can be found in a variety of sizes and difficulty levels, so you can pick the puzzle that is right for you. Puzzles are also social! Grab your friends and family and huddle around a brain-stimulating puzzle the next time you plan to hang around the house and catch up.


Sudoku is a great type of puzzle game that involves small-scale math, strategy, and logic. Sudoku puzzles are clearly delineated into different levels, so you can find the right challenge for you with ease. You can find sudoku puzzles in newspapers or in booklets, or you can even play sudoku online.


KENKEN is another number-based logic puzzle created in the early 2000s by Japanese educator Tetsuya Miyamoto. The game is similar to Sudoku but involves varying target numbers and math processes. KENKEN games can be found in newspapers such as the New York Times and online.


Word Games

Word Games
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Boggle is a great game to train your mind and play against your friends. Featuring lettered-dice set in a plastic grid, players race against each other to see who can find the most words formed by letters adjacent and diagonal to each other. The fast-paced, creation structure of this game make it not only an effective brain game for adults, but also fun and exciting.


Scrabble is perhaps the most classic and well-known word game in the modern world. Each player possessing their own set of letter tiles, they take turns forming words on the board and building off each other’s words. With the letter tiles possessing a point value for each according to difficulty to use, this is a very point heavy game that therefore also makes players practice simple mathematics. There are many adults who carry a deep love for this game, as evidenced by the many who participate in Scrabble tournaments throughout their lives.


Bananagrams is like an individual, freer game of Scrabble. Unlike in Scrabble, there is not one collective board where everyone can play off each other’s words. Rather, each player must form their own interconnecting word board and try to out-race their opponents in creating a complete word grid once the pool of tiles has been exhausted. This is a fluid game where the tiles are not locked into one position once a word has been established. In this way, Bananagrams is an excellent and effective brain game for adults because it involves word creation and recognition, problem-solving, strategy, and forethought.


Unlike the other word games on this list, Taboo has no visual letter tablets to create words from. Rather, the words have already been established, and you have to figure out what they are. A multi-person team game, one player from the team holds a card with a word that they have to get the other members of their team to guess, while avoiding certain “taboo” words which result in the card being null. This is a great game for improving word-recall and communication skills.


Strategy Games


Risk is a game that will really make you think and exercise your mind. A game where the goal is world domination, you and your friends are given a few troops and horses with which to make that happen as you battle for control over different areas of a map. This game involves heavy strategy and planning skills that are great for growing your mind.

Go Play!

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and have fun! Great adult games that are good for the brain can provide a useful de-stresser when you’re on your own, or the perfect opportunity to get a group of friends together for wholesome fun! You’ll have a good time, and your brain will thank you for it by being healthy and happy.

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